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EDTA is extensively used initialism for the chemical compounds ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. These colourless, water-soluble solid is widely used to dissolve scale. The usefulness of compound arises because of its role as a chelating agent, ie its ability to "sequester" metal ions such as Ca2+ and Fe3+. 

EDTA Acid EDTA Disodium Salt EDTA Tetra Sodium (Powder) EDTA Tetra Sodium (Liquid) EDTA Trisodium (Powder)
EDTA Tetra Ammonium EDTA Ca / Chelated Calcium EDTA Cu / Chelated Copper EDTA Dipotassium EDTA NaFe Premix For Iron Fortification
EDTA Fe / Chelated Ferric EDTA EDTA Mg / Chelated Magnesium EDTA Mn / Chelated Manganese EDTA Zinc Ammonium EDTA Diammonium - Liquid
Ammoniated EDTA      

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